Our aim

To reduce the growing gap in net pay, between the highest paid and the majority in society.
To promote a happier, healthier and fairer society – one which is better for savers, pensioners , investors and the wider community – restoring trust in business.
To help reduce the excessively high levels of pay, we must . . .
  • Make pay packages much simpler and easier to understand
    • state total package as one figure
    • smaller bonuses and only for exceptional performance (max 100% of salary)
    • longer term share incentives reduced (max 150% and paid 3 years after leaving).
  • Mandatory claw back provisions on bonuses over £10k, where these have been paid as a consequence of malpractice eg mis-selling, profit overstatement, or Libor rigging.
  • Widen remuneration committee membership to include academics and private shareholders amongst others.
  • Make tax avoidance much harder, so that the rates actually paid by wealthier people are higher than those paid by the less well off.
  • Change attitudes in board rooms.